Many people have long dreamed of having a brighter smile and firmer teeth.

 A Hollywood smile is putting dental veneers on the front teeth and there are many types of Hollywood smile.

These veneers change the color, length and shape of the teeth to match the mouth and jaw, making you look the most stylish and attractive.

You can get a Hollywood smile through our value Dent clinics, where our experienced team offer the best smile, you can ever dream of through the latest devices and the best technologies.

After making a Hollywood smile you will not only get the perfect smile, it will positively reflect on your self-respect and your self-confidence, as it contributes to the quality of your social life so much that you will notice after the procedure.


Hollywood Smile lasting?

Hollywood’s smile is likely to last a lifetime with proper care from the person and some veneers may need to be replaced at some point.

The age of Hollywood’s smile depends largely on the age of the veneers, dental or crowns used in your teeth.

For example, an average of 15-year-old dental veneers and porcelain peels may last up to 20 years with good care.


What are the types of Hollywood smile?

There are several types of Hollywood smile such as Vinnere lenses, Imax lenses, etc.


Hollywood Smile with Veneers:

You can get a perfect white smile like a Hollywood smile by using a veneer, which is a very thin veneer called Tooth lenses.

The veneer is made to cover the front teeth from the mouth making humans more beautiful.

If you use the veneer lens to get a Hollywood smile, all of the person’s teeth, including the molars, are properly present and arranged.

If your teeth aren’t, we recommend you get a stable orthodontic pre-fix and then use a Veneer lens to get a Hollywood smile.


Hollywood Smile with Imax:

Imax is a type of coating used to make a Hollywood smile by covering the front teeth of the mouth.

This type of crusts is so beautiful that you can feel more confident and have the smile you can imagine.

Hollywood smile 3D.

The Hollywood smile 3D is one of the most moving smiles and is one of the latest technologies used in the world of cosmetic dentistry.

This type is done by putting a person’s image in a simulated program to analyze and produce the best smile they can be.

Our dedicated team of high-end technologies are of the highest quality, safe and highly flexible processes.


Why is value Dent the best place to get a Hollywood smile?

There are several advantages that make value Dent the best center of dentist for a Hollywood smile, including:

We offer many kinds of Hollywood smile that you can choose from.

Complete medical care is provided by the best cosmetic dentists and the best modern and safe devices that make you feel comfortable and secure.

With our medical team, you’ll get results that are not just satisfactory, but you’ll be amazed by the final results after you’ve made a Hollywood smile.

You can get the kind of Hollywood smile you choose at a price that’s right for everyone.

We have plenty of special offers to choose from.

You can contact to us throughout the day through social media.


What are the steps to install a Hollywood smile?

At value Dent we take care of every step to get the best result.


The steps to make a Hollywood smile are:


Diagnosis and treatment planning:


The doctor at this point will check the subject to find out what kind of coating or dental lenses are suitable for the subject.

Your doctor tells the subject which mechanisms will be used next.



An amount or thickness is removed from the person’s tooth enamel is removed about 5 ml and sent to the lab so that the veneers are the same size and shape of the case teeth.



The crusts are measured on the person’s teeth to ensure their conformity and after confirming that they are suitable they are eventually fitted and the doctor passes the Light on it to be more coherent.


FAQs on Hollywood Smile:

There are a few questions that people might ask when they look for a Hollywood smile:


Is Hollywood Smile harmful?

On the contrary, Hollywood’s smile has many benefits that we will mention in the following lines.


Does Hollywood Smile Hurt gums?

Hollywood Smile never affects gums.


What are the benefits of a Hollywood smile?

Hollywood’s smile has many benefits, including:


Build the person’s self-confidence.

Protects teeth from different stains, so your teeth stay white for as long as possible as some crusts are pigment-resistant.

They are long-lasting and may last with you some types of veneer for a lifetime.

Enhance your social and professional life.


When will Hollywood Results appear?

Hollywood Smile Results are immediate and you can see it immediately after you finish the procedure in our value Dent clinics these results continue for a decade or a half and may last more.

Top Tips on Hollywood Smile.


The following is the most important information to consider before making a decision to put crusts:


Crusts usually remain 10 to 15 years before replacement.

Veneers don’t require extra care, but the person should continue brushing with the toothbrush and mouthwash as usual.

It is best to reduce the amount of food or drink that causes stains such as tea and coffee.

Before making the decision to get a Hollywood smile and put the crust, you should know all the relevant information by talking to the doctor and asking beautiful questions.



 A Hollywood smile is a magic solution for anyone who wants a white tooth that is free of defects or stains that reduce its beauty.

It is a practical option for a flawless smile.

With a Hollywood smile at our value Dent clinics, you can solve dental problems caused by low self-worth and reinvent your smile with the latest technology available to us, which is one of the best in the world.

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