We are Value Dent

Value Dent was established in Turkey by medical staff with the highest medical certifications approved internationally, to provide the best services and results in a way that guarantees patients a unique and unforgettable experience. Value Dent has gained the confidence and accreditation of a large number of patients on various continents of the world, due to its use of the latest and best available technologies worldwide thanks to the continuous development of adental medicine. All Dental operations are carried out by our expert medical staff within a hospital that observes the highest standards of medical quality, with the aim of providing the best solutions to all Dental problems, and with the least possible surgical intervention.

Why Value Dent

Expert medical staff

At Value Dent we have a professional medical staff of 8 doctors, in addition to the auxiliary medical staff.

An advanced center

We care to provide the highest standards of quality and sterilization at Value Dent, to maintain the general health of our visitors, and we are constantly striving to equip the center with the latest and best medical equipment in the world.

Suitable costs

At Value Dent, we offer you various dental procedures at very competitive costs, as you save 70% of the cost of the same costs in the USA and European countries.


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